Who We Are

GistAfri is a digital advertising and news agency, bent on disseminating authentic news, creating a platform where products can reach consumers.

The ubiquity of internet access has caused a sharp rise in the number of businesses offering platforms that connect users for communication or commerce. This has also attracted the number of active internet users per time. Entrepreneurs are particularly drawn to these platforms because they create significant value and have modest operating costs, and network effects protect their position once established—users rarely leave a vibrant platform.

The conventional media such as TV and radio adverts are not enough to get your business message across everyone especially targeted audience. Gone are those days in which businesses were advertised through billboards and posters. Though these methods are still in use and fully functional, it does have its own limitation. Most people tend to spend more time with their mobile phones and computers compared to the watching of TV and listening to radio. With the recent demand in the place of work recently, people resolve to the reading of news online and listening to online radios instead of the conventional radio and television.

In the wake of the 21st century, to keep customers and targeted audience informed about existence of products and services we need to adapt the most efficient of all – online Advertising. The trend these days is online advertisement. Online advertisement is the most efficient way of carrying messages across to the whole world. This trend led to the Advent of the online platform, GistAfri.com News and Advert platform.


To be Africa’s news and advertising agency of first choice among discerning readers and business owners by 2025

Our Target Audience

  • Business and political elite.
  • The affluent, the educated, those in leadership positions in all spheres of life; the upwardly mobile, policy makers.


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  • Vox pop
  • Breaking News


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