On Gudu hill sleeps Muri’s scion Sine-die.

…Ja’afaru Jaji Sambo Takes an eternal bow

How do we write about your passing, when we are not even used to you being gone? How do we go on, when in our hearts we know you are not coming back? How do we live with the memory of your passing? Time they say will heal our wounds, but there are things that time cannot mend, the hurts from your passing have gone too deep and have taken hold. This hit too close home.

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Monday, the Eighteenth Day of the Seventh Month of the Twenty-Second year in the Second Millennium will forever shape our history. The day our story was punctuated by the death of our dear Ja’afaru.
On this side of the time zone, we were anticipating the breaking of a new day, armed with our plan for the new week, emboldened by our commitment to a better tomorrow, with glee we heralded the rising of the sun, unbeknownst to us that the dawn of the new day was the dusk of the life of Jaji’s scion.
Tears greeted our waking eyes, we wished it was a prank, but our dear Ja’afaru lies still. Who are we to question the maker when He says our time here is done?

No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, he was gone before we knew it, only God knows why. Our heart aches in sadness and secret tears flow. What it means to lose you, no one else knows. A presence from our kindred is gone, a voice we loved is still, and a place is vacant in our lives that never can be filled.
The blow was great, the shock severe, we never thought the end was near, only those who have lost a loved one can tell the pain of heartache without a farewell.

To sum up, what he meant to us in a few paragraphs is impossible. We are not even used to him being gone yet.
Ja’afaru was a quintessential gentleman, A master strategist, A philanthropist, A loyalist, a family man, a dependable friend, and a devote Muslim.

There is something about the Jaji sambo brothers that differentiate them from others. Decorum, Philanthropism, respect, sincerity, and team spirit are virtues that they hold so dearly. Being the last child of his mother, one should expect him to show traits that are unique to children in that category, rather, his discipline is infectious, he acts twice his age, and loyalty to the family values are virtues he held dear.

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Ja’afaru Jaji Sambo, August 24th, 1978 – July 18th, 2022.

I remember early in the year we were talking about his political ambition, I thought, why don’t we hit the ground running, he smiled and said “I am ready to hit the ground running immediately, but my ambition is subject to my elder brother’s approval” I saw life differently that day. Despite the resources at his disposal, his ambition must be in line with the family’s honour and values. What a colossus.
GMD as we call him in the business circle was a business guru. A disciplined businessman and a transparent one at that.

Jagaban Sarkin Dawaki, Who will fill the vacuum you have left? This wasn’t what we planned.
This wasn’t how we said it. Every morning I’m tempted to pick up my phone and call you hoping you will answer. I thought I would wake up to your thank you messages, chai!!! Who will be my cheerleader now? Who will be my sincere motivator? Ja’afaru!!! Kai

Bowing out as a quadragenarian wasn’t part of our plan, we looked forward to our grey days, when we will see our grandchildren flock around us and we tell them tales of triumph with glee. We had great plans.

You had a heart of gold. I know you were sponsoring well over three hundred students from the Jalingo Local government, many of the beneficiaries are graduates today. You gave your shoulders to the needy. You comforted the helpless. You were a silent achiever.

Alas! We are solaced by the fact that you lived a good life, you were a good man through and true. You lived your life for your people, for your country, for your family, and your maker. Your loyalty is worthy of emulation.

Your memory will be our keepsake GMD, your legacies will endure dear Jagaban. Your virtues will be upheld, dear Sarki. Your seeds will attain greatness dear Ja’afaru.
As your odyssey to the undying land begins, may Jannat ul Firdaus be your final abode.

May the Almighty Allah forgive your shortcomings, and may you find enduring rest.

We sympathize with your whole extended family especially the Chief Mourner, and our Boss, the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Mu’azu Jaji Sambo, may the Almighty Allah comfort him and the family.

On gudu hills sleeps the mortal frame of our dear Ja’afaru.
Sleep on my dear friend.
Adieu Jagaban Sarkin Dawaki.
Your memories will eternally linger in our hearts.
Your good deeds will be our keepsake.
Journey on Muri’s pride, tell the elder who had gone before that the family’s honour will forever be upheld and protected.

Muri mourns, Sintali weeps, Sambo Sobs, Jaji Snivels, but, we all submit to Allah’s will, we are comforted by the fact that Ja’afaru lived well.

Sleep on my brother, till the resurrection day. Race to the garden of everlasting bliss my brother, and my bosom friend.

We are comforted because you were a God-fearing gentleman.


Idiagbonya Samuel
SA (Media and Publicity)
To the HMT – Mu’azu Jaji Sambo

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