Two foreigners have been arrested in Ogun allegedly with the head of a woman who reportedly died during childbirth recently.

Monday Karezu, 32, a Beninese, and Anagonou Kamalan, 44, were arrested while allegedly attempting to deliver the woman’s head at the shrine of a herbalist who had allegedly demanded it for money making rituals for the suspects.

Karezu, said to have a history of exhuming bodies for money rituals, reportedly dug out the remains of the woman and severed her head.

The incident happened in the Sabo area of Abeokuta, the state capital, police said.
Police spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the incident yesterday, said Karezu and Kamalan were arrested by operatives from the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), who had prior knowledge of the activities of the two and ambushed them at a location near the herbalist’s residence in Abeokuta.

“The DSP Nurudeen Gafar-led team swiftly moved to the area where the herbalist’s house was situated and laid ambush there. Not quite two hours after, the two suspects arrived on a motorcycle with a bag containing the human head and they were promptly arrested”.

“On interrogation, Monday Karezu, a national of Benin Republic, had previously engaged in money-making rituals, but did not succeed.

“It was further discovered that the suspect had once killed his nine-month-old daughter and used her head for the same purpose but did not succeed,” Oyeyemi said, adding that “Anagonou Kamalan, a Togolese, informed him that he knew a herbalist who could successfully make money for him with a human head.”

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