There is never a clear-cut way to lay your emotions bare and be vulnerable and the Housemates are not leaving it to chance in their bid form new friendships with fellow Housemates.

From thought-provoking one on ones, to physical contact, our Housemates are getting comfortable. The past few days have seen the House not only in a frenzy from the announcement of the Wildcards amongst them, but people have been opening up about their personal experiences. The topics in the House have varied from love, mental health and professional careers.

Last night, Sammie and Angel found themselves alone in the garden. As they opened up to each other about where they are from and everything, they’ve been through, a tired Angel scored a sensual foot rub from Sammie, who seemed to be heavily into it.

Yerins flitting about and engaged in deep conversation with many of his fellow housemates, who were all too happy to share themselves. Boma regaled him with tales from the acting world, which Yerins drank in intently. Arin, on the other hand, opened up about her love for writing poetry. He, in turn, had lots to say about science and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The beauty of this Season’s diversity lies in their life stories whose details range from successes to struggles but one thing that keeps stands out is their ambition. The Big Brother Housemates have proven that they are ambitious and ready to take on the world regardless of where they are in life.

We can’t help but also learn important life lessons from some of them. We hope these heartfelt moments will continue to play a pivotal role in helping the Housemates to have those honest conversations.

However, for some who find it difficult to be expressive and vulnerable, they spend their time trying to make others feel more welcome and at ease around them, either through teaching them to dance or cracking the jokes that have had our rib cages aching.

We may not know how long this Kumbaya may last, but the warmth radiating in their willingness to listen and acknowledge these stories have us glued to our screens for more.

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