Viv Obinna: The mum building a global community for stay-at-home mums

The realization the struggle wasn’t peculiar to her alone led Viv Obinna to the moment that propelled her into becoming a solution provider. Many women silently faced the same struggles and hurdles, which in turn impact their lives, health, and productivity.

A good number of these women make wrong choices which keep them on the wrong side of life, leaving them exhausted, frustrated, and depressed.

With nothing more than sheer determination, Viv took a bold step to start a movement that would make a tremendous and positive impact in the lives of mothers like her. First, Viv enrolled with the John Maxwell Team to become a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.

Next, she decided that she would use her life-changing experiences to educate, inspire and improve the lifestyle of other women, most especially other stay-at-home mums who are struggling to find their purpose in life. After all, a (mentally and physically) healthy mother breeds healthy children who go on to become healthy adults in society. To achieve her goal, Viv knew that she needed space, hence the birth of the community now known as a mum and more tribe.

In her commitment to building an international community of fabulous stay-at-home mums, Obinna started her journey as the founder of AMUMANDMORE Tribe. According to her: “I started building the Stay-At-Home Mum community in March 2021, and in under two months, the community has grown to over a thousand exceptional Stay-At-Home Mums.

“The vision of the tribe is to create a safe haven for every mother on earth. The goal is to help every Mother (SAHM) to discover their full potential while raising well-grounded children and securing the bag along the way.

“The objective is to change the narrative and get the mothers to tell the stories by themselves. The tribe hopes to eradicate the misguided conception that stay-at-home mums are ordinary lazy housewives who do nothing but sit at home and grow fat on their husbands’ hard work.

“The community is intended to provide support and structure for every wife and mother who have chosen to dedicate their time, energy, and resources to become full-time housewives.”

Observing the AMUMANDMORE tribe, women who grew up believing that not having a white-collar job makes them lazy are gradually being exposed to the truth. And Viv Obinna does well to state that: “There is a difference between being lazy and being strategic for best results, and being a stay-at-home mum is in no way a gift card for laziness.

Clearly describing the Tribe, Viv Obinna said: “A mum and more” Tribe is an International Women’s Community solely set up to help mothers and most especially stay-at-home mums connect with a great network of other mums. It is an environment where we share knowledge, expertise, and experiences while discovering and navigating the amazing world of parenting in the 21st century.

“The community activity lineup includes; monthly power-packed coaching, sessions, training, and networking workshops. The tribe also works with high caliber coaches, speakers, and trainers from around the world, educating stay-at-home mums to overcome social misinterpretation and become the best versions of themselves in their unique roles through these targeted areas of growth and development:

In summary, Viv Obinna proudly said to the AMUMANDMORE tribe “Our members know each other by the first name, we are mothers with relatable challenges, down to earth, God-fearing, and genuinely caring.

“We might agree to disagree, but we do not let the sun go down on our grievances because there’s unity in our diversity. It is indeed with great pleasure that I introduce my community to you. If you’re a woman or a mom looking for support, you are more than welcome to connect with us.”


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