MEMBERS of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Caretaker Executive in Kwara State on Monday rejected the purported replacement of Mr. Bashir Bolarinwa as their chairman with his deputy, Abdullahi Samari, by the party’s National Executive Council (NEC).

The APC members alleged that the letter of appointment being paraded by Alhaji Samari on the social media did not emanate from the national headquarters of the APC.

Addressing reporters in Ilorin, the Caretaker Vice

Chairman, Theophilous Oyebiyi, said Bolarinwa had remained impeccable, adding: “Bolarinwa, who led the party to 100 per cent victory in the last general election, deserves to be celebrated and rewarded. He remains our state chairman. All of us had the equanimity of mind and character to work together for victory at that time… why not now?

“The decision to embark on this unlawful route is said to be based on  a purported suspension of Bolarinwa by the state erstwhile exco.

This is at best a wicked concoction and nothing can be farther from the truth.

“As erstwhile exco we are not aware of any wrongdoing that would have warranted any enquiry, let alone investigation and a far-reaching

decision of suspending Bolarinwa as the state chairman.

“He presided over our last three working committee meetings of which all members attended on November 16 and 30 and December 7. Records of those meetings are available. Where and when did the suspension take place when NEC decision was taken on December 8?

“It is unfortunate that the national body of our party will rely on any purported suspension as contained in Samari’s letter displayed in the social media. Neither did Bolarinwa see the petition, let alone defending himself if there was any.”

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