Groups under Coalition Against Killings In Northern Nigeria (CAKIN) on Monday rose from it’s meeting to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to end killings, kidnappings and banditry in the region within the next 14 days or face massive protests.

“The Coalition from today, June 15, 2020, give a 14-day ultimatum to federal government to end killings in the entire States of the North. After the expiration of this ultimatum, any reported case of killing will leave us with no option than to mobilize citizens to take to streets until the government is shut down”.

The coalition also called on Mr President to relief the security chiefs of their appointment due to their inability to come up with workable tactics to address issue of insecurity five years after he took over the power.

The Coalition in a statement jointly signed by seven groups from the region called for cancellation of security votes for state governors and divert the funds to community policing to safe good Nigerians from the criminal elements.

The document was signed by Comr Isa Abubakar of Northern Youth Council of Nigeria, Yerima Shettima of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Yusuf Idris Amoke of Northern Anti Corruption Front, Mohammed Salihu Danlami of Arewa Youth Assembly, Murtala Abubakar of Joint Action Committee of Northern Youth Associations, Dr Idris Mohammed of CUPS and Gambo Gujungu of Arewa Youth Forum.

The statement read in part, “it is on a sad note that this Coalition wishes to remind the government at all levels that the primary responsibility of government anywhere particularly the one that was democratically elected by voters is to protect the lives and property of citizens.

“Nigerians, particularly Northerners voted President Muhammadu Buhari to power in 2015 in anticipations that as a former military head of state and a retire General, he is positioned to deal decisively with all forms of threats to the security of our people, particularly challenges of Boko Haram that had caused hardship and unprecedented destruction of lives and economy activities.

“Alas, five years into President Muhammad Buhari’s tenure instead of reducing insecurity, it has escalated thereby exposing great numbers of our people to avoidable deaths and lost of property in a manner that history has never witnessed before.

“As patriotic citizens, it is our constitutional duty to raise voices and call attention to the killings that is taking place across States of the Northern regions on a daily basis and mobilize citizens on how to constructively engage government at all levels and make demands to end the killings.

“Consequently, the Coalition demands unequivocally that President Muhammad Buhari as Commander-In-Chief should immediately relief the service chiefs of their duties. All security personnel who are living above their legitimate earnings should be investigated and prosecuted immediately.

“The coalition further demands that security votes by the state governors be abolished without second thought.

“The coalition strongly supports the idea of community policing and calls for its immediate implementation Nationwide.

“The coalition reiterates here that enough is enough and it can no longer tolerate mindless killings of innocent citizens of the Northern Nigeria without the government seems to be doing much to stop it”.

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