Anglican Bishop of Afikpo Diocese, Ebonyi State, Rt. Rev. Paul Udogu on Friday warned against revisiting the suspended RUGA settlement scheme for herdsmen. He said the federal government may still reverse the suspension, warning that establishing it would cause crisis and possibly disintegration of the country.

In his presidential address/charge at Good Shepherd Anglican Church Ozizza Afikpo, during 1st session of the 5th synod of Afikpo Diocese, Udogu accused President Muhammadu Buhrai’s government of treating herdsmen and their cows specially.

He condemned activities of armed herdsmen which he described as alarming and alleged that almost all the geopolitical zones of the country are under herdsmen’s siege.

He therefore called on President Buhari to rise to the challenge before it becomes too late. “Few days ago, we heard that the federal government has suspended RUGA. We know that when you suspend something today, you can come back to it tomorrow but we want to say without mincing words; enough of that policy is enough.

“Three days ago, a group of people in Northern Nigeria issued 30-days ultimatum to the federal government for them to reverse back the RUGA programme. But we are trusting God that the federal government will think twice and save this country from disintegration, war, and crisis. The directive to all Nigerians to surrender their guns to the police whether legally or illegally acquired is ambiguous and suspicious. Nigerians expect our security agencies to first disarm the Fulani herdsmen who are moving around with AK47 and other deadly weapons before asking innocent citizens to surrender arms,” he said.

The Bishop called on the National Assembly to consider the recommendations of 2014 National Conference and to revisit issues of restructuring the nation as way of ensuring justice and equity to various zones in the country. He explained that a determined, sincere, sensitive, focused and unbiased leadership will stop the problems confronting the nation.

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